Lionel Tiger

Lionel Tiger

Professor Tiger is a member of SIRC's panel of advisors.

Lionel Tiger was born in Montreal, Canada in 1937 and educated at McGill University and the London School of Economics.

He lectured at the University of Ghana, Accra, and at the University of British Columbia, before joining Rutgers University in 1969.

He is currently Charles Darwin Professor of Anthropology, Rutgers University.

Other appointments and awards have included:

Lionel Tiger’s publications include:

In addition to his valuable work as a member of SIRC’s Advisory Panel, Lionel Tiger finds time for the following positions:

General articles by Lionel Tiger have appeared in, among other places, New York Times, TIME, Wall Street Journal, Observer of London, L'Express, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Maclean's, Kos:Milan, Family Circle, Canadian Forum, Preventive Medicine, U.S. News and World Report, Encounter, Child, The New Republic, Psychology Today, Los Angeles Times, The Sciences- New York Academy of Sciences, La Republica, The Wilson Quarterly, The New Yorker, Foreign Affairs; Newark Star-Ledger

Professor Tiger has also lectured at, among other universities and institutions, City University of New York; Princeton; Minnesota; UCLA; Canisius College; Harvard, Los Andes (Bogota); Columbia; Dartmouth College; Wisconsin, Michigan State; Smith College; Amsterdam; Maison de Sciences de 1'Homme, Paris; Haifa; Rockefeller; Max Planck Institute, Sieweisen; Smithsonian Institution; Calgary; McGill; Hydrabad and Jaipur (India); University of California Berkeley; National War College, Washington; National Academy of Economic Sciences, Moscow; Southern California; Carleton College, Minnesota; American Museum of Natural History New York, Coe College, Iowa; Paris; Hebrew University, Jerusalem; Penn State; Northwestern; Tel Aviv; Candido Mendes (Rio de Janeiro); British Columbia; Yale Law School; Moscow University; Kean College; Alberta; Concordia University, (Montreal); Brown, Providence, Rhode Island; York (Toronto); California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco; Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota; Royal Society of Canada, Montreal; Max Planck Society, Tegernsee, Bavaria; Instituto Scientifico H. San Raffaele, Milan, Italy; Olin Institute for Strategic Studies, Harvard University; Foreign Policy Institute – School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, Washington, DC; Triangle Institute of Security Studies, Cantigny Museum, Chicago; Planned Parenthood of New York, New York Academy of Sciences

He has also lectured to or consulted with, among others, The Brunswick Corporation; Johnson & Johnson; IBM; Director of Net Assessment - Office of the Secretary of Defence, the Pentagon; AT & T; UCLA School of Business; Canadian Management Association; Dallas Council of Social Services; American Association of Industrial Designers -New York Chapter; A & P; Robert P. Gersin Associates Industrial Design; J. Walter Thompson; University of Calgary Faculty of Management; American Institute of Wine and Food; McCabe and Associates Advertising; Columbia University Graduate School of Business – Advisory Council on Business Ethics; United Nations Program on Drug Abuse Research (Vienna); The Pfizer Corporation; Paul Nitze School-Foreign Policy Institute, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Washington, DC; Revlon; Aspen Institute Executive Seminar Program (three summers); Young Presidents Organization University (Vienna); Gruter Institute Symposium-St. Moritz; The Century Association-New York; The Seagram Corporation; Keppner-Tregoe Consultancy – Princeton; King and Spalding Attorneys; Hughes, Hubbard and Reed Attorneys; The Sawyer-Miller Group; The Upjohn Company; Summer Study Session on Behavioral Assumptions of Military Strategic Future, Office of Secretary of Defense, Naval War College, Newport, RI; Monell Chemical Senses Center, Philadelphia; CIDIL/CNRS, Origins of Dietary Forms, Maison des Centraliens, Paris; Symposium on Biotechnology, Army Research Laboratories, Army War College, Carlisle PA Barracks; American Anthropological Association – School of American Research, Santa Fe; Weiner-Edrich-Brown, Inc; Federal Judicial Conference, Vermont Law School- Dartmouth College; Office Of The Under Secretary of the Navy, Washington, DC; US Army Training and Doctrine Command, Fort Monroe, Va; The Lighthouse National Headquarters; Planned Parenthood of New York; International Foodservice Organization Annual Conference-Miami, Florida; Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, Farnborough, England; Defense Intelligence Agency, Bolling Air Force Base, VA; United Biscuits, London, England.

The Social Issues Research Centre is honoured to have such a distinguished scientist and sought-after consultant on our Advisory Panel. Professor Tiger is closely involved in guiding the work of SIRC, and despite his many commitments finds time for almost daily email communication with the SIRC directors. Professor Tiger can be contacted through SIRC.