Fluid Dynamics Shareware Software License

This script is copyright © 2003 by Zoltan Milosevic, All Rights Reserved.

This script may be downloaded and used for any purpose, including commercial, provided that the Distribution Conditions are met.

This script is commercial software. The script is distributed widely, under controlled conditions, in order to build revenue, name recognition and traffic for www.xav.com. The greater name recognition and traffic lead to advertising revenue, sales of other products, and sales of CGI customization/installs.

Violating the distribution conditions infringes on the script copyright and damages the underlying business model. Any infringement claim against a violator may include: actual damages to the copyright holder; any profits earned by the violator; and statutory damages up to $100,000, plus court costs and attorney fees.

User Control: you, the user of this script, can select from 1 of 3 license modes: Freeware, Trial Shareware, and Registered Shareware. Terms and conditions differ slightly based on the selected licensing mode. To select a license mode, go to "Main Page" => "Update License" and configure the "License Mode" setting. Your selection can be changed at any time - selecting the Freeware mode is not an irreversible process as with some software.

Scope: by default, licensees will receive a 1-instance, unlimited user license. This license covers the use of one instance of this product on one computer, supporting unlimited numbers of users.

Additional instances of the product can be installed and registered, using the original key, on web sites that act as non-public development and test platforms for the registered instances. For FDSE, additional instances may be installed and registered, using the original key, on web sites that are used only for building and reviewing the search indexes before transfer to the public site.

Scope - special case for Genesis: alternately, at the request of the licensee, a 10-user license will be granted. This allows for up to 10 user accounts, spread over as many instances as desired, up to 10. This mode is useful for web designers who want to delegate authoring privileges to a single person for the upkeep of designed sites.

Distribution Conditions

  1. If you decide to keep this script, you must select a permanent license mode, either Freeware or Registered Shareware.

  2. The copyright notice appearing the header of the source code must remain in its original form.

  3. When in Freeware or Trial Shareware mode, the copyright notice and link to www.xav.com, which appear in the HTML output, must remain in their original form.

  4. Those who substantially change the script - by, say, adding nice HTML formatting - are free to attach their own copyright to their own value-added work, but their claim would apply only to the value-added work, and would not compete with the original copyright.

  5. When in Freeware or Trial Shareware mode, the script cannot be edited in such a way as to make available the features of the registered shareware version, neither through adding original code nor through unlocking unreferenced functionality.

  6. Other than the restrictions above, any editing of the script is encouraged. That's why it ships with source.

  7. You may not resale this script or any derived work. (You are encouraged to sell access to this script, like as part of a paid web hosting company which charges its customers. You would not be able to sell this script itself to other web hosting companies.)

    Reseller arrangements are possible, but must be arranged in advance.

  8. You may not re-distribute this script - for example, by placing the original ZIP archive on your download site. To distribute the script, link to www.xav.com.

Free registration keys will be granted to certain organizations and individuals. See Free Key Policy and FAQ for more information.

© 1997-2003 by Zoltan Milosevic