SIRC Media Watch Archive
Panics and Scares – August 2003

Snoring May Cause Impotence. A man starts gasping, he may even die of asphyxia if not awaken. It is not only apnea that is dangerous but even snoring. It reduces the amount of oxygen delivered to muscles. As a result, people suffer from night enuresis and even impotence. Pravda

Health risk of burning incense to be investigated by Ireland's Catholic Church. Ireland's Catholic Church said yesterday it would take seriously a government minister's concern over the threat to health posed by incense. The health risk was raised by Jim McDaid, a minister of state in Ireland's Ministry of Transport, who said the burning of incense could cause cancer. Independent

Clue to elixir of life. Substances found in food and wine may be able to extend human life, according to new scientific research. Scientists in the United States found that the substances – called polyphenols – can prolong the life of yeast cells significantly.They seem to work inside human cells too. BBC

Bagpipes give you more than earache. The sound of bagpipes has always been a distinctive and somewhat acquired taste. But acoustic experts claimed yesterday that, as well as inducing earache, the instrument could be linked to hearing loss, repetitive strain injury and alcoholism. Telegraph

Pipes 'pose no health risks' Fears for the health of bagpipe players have been dismissed as "a load of bunk" by the principal of the College of Piping. BBC