SIRC Media Watch Archive
The Pick – October 2005

At last - the end of the MMR myth. It’s official, the MMR jab is safe. Forget all the cobblers that has been written about it over the past few years. A report published yesterday by the Cochrane Library (the most authoritative source of evidence-based medicine) has shot holes through the flimsy evidence linking the controversial vaccine with autism and provided vindication for all of us doctors who stuck by it, subjected our own kids to a dose of it and insisted everyone else was right to do the same for theirs. Guardian.

Supposing ... People were encouraged to eat badly. What’s the most offensive thing you could possibly do in public? Squat down and crap on the pavement, or eat a bag of Wotsits? Pretty soon, it’ll be the latter, because eating healthily is now the law, and anyone who disobeys is a demented suicidal pig. Just last night, for instance, a TV commercial from the Food Standards Agency commanded me to eat no more than 6mg of salt a day. It wasn’t a suggestion, or a bit of friendly advice. It was an order, plain and simple. EAT NO MORE THAN 6mg OF SALT A DAY, it said. Guardian