SIRC Media Watch Archive
Panics and Scares – October 2002

Menus to list the calories. Restaurants will be forced to reveal how fattening their meals are under tough new laws…Nutritionists last night welcomed the Government's healthy eating drive - which is being overseen by Food Standards Agency boss Geoffrey Podger…But top chef Shaun Hill hit back: "If you’re so dim that you don't realise something is full of butter and cream, you shouldn’t be in a good restaurant." Sun

Grandad's diet affects descendants' health. The amount of food a boy eats in the years before puberty influences his grandchildren's risk of diabetes, a small Swedish study suggests. New Scientist

Rock guitar is a pain. Rock stars, never known for healthy living, have a potential new health hazard to cope with – repetitive strain injury. BBC.

September 'is the healthiest month'. September is the healthiest month of the year, official figures reveal. A report from the Office for National Statistics shows that fewer people die in September than in any other month. BBC

Cheerful children die younger than gloomy classmates, says study. Cheerfulness is not necessarily healthy. It may be widely believed that cheerful children become happy, healthy, and even wise adults who live to a good old age, but new research suggests that as adults they tend to die earlier than their less cheerful classmates. BMJ.