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ASCoR Personnel

Otto Scholten is Senior Associate Professor at the University of Amsterdam School of Communications Research (ASCoR) and Head of the Press Institute in the University of Amsterdam. ASCoR conducts international research at an advanced level into fundamental aspects of communication and media infrastructure. He is a specialist in communication science, specialising in political, organisational and strategic communication, and has written over 200 articles and texts on the subjects1. He has extensive experience of the design and conduct of content analysis in a variety of domains. His background in the political sciences, complements the journalistic experience of the other Amsterdam contributor, Peter Vasterman.

Peter Vasterman, Associate Professor (PhD) at the Department of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam and faculty member of the Master in Journalism and Media, is well known for his work on media 'hypes' - identifying clearly where reporting of risk has led to false assumptions and, in some cases, inappropriate responses. He has recently published several papers and a book on the subject2 and maintains a web site with relevant material at He has been visiting professor at the State University of New York, at the Danish School of Journalism in Århus and at several Dutch universities. He organized the conference on Media, Risk and Disaster in November 2001 in Utrecht and regularly lectures and gives media interviews on topics such as risk communication in the media.

Peter Vasterman, contributing to MESSENGER as an associate of ASCoR, also adds additional value to the consortium through his extensive contacts with journalism schools and press organisations across Europe. He will be centrally involved in the consultation processes of the MESSENGER programme and in developing appropriate dissemination and outreach strategies.

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