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The MESSENGER consortium consists of just two partners. This is appropriate given the scale of the programme and its requirements. It is also consistent with the specification in Specific Support Action (SSA) Call which requires a minimum of only one legal entity.

The partnership between the Social Issues Research Centre and the Press Institute of ASCoR has been established principally because of the complementarity between the two groups. SIRC brings to the consortium its experience of liaising with major science institutions and lead bodies to develop the Guidelines on Science and Health Communication. SIRC also has extensive experience of conducting consultation exercises for government and industry bodies. SIRC is currently undertaking a consultation exercise with key stakeholders in the UK, Germany and France regarding perceptions of food, nutrition and health issues.

SIRC and ASCoR will both be involved in the two main research elements of the MESSENGER programme - consultation and media analysis. While ASCoR will provide the methodological framework and a detailed case study of the role of the media in communicating science in the Netherlands, SIRC will undertake a wider comparative analysis using the developed methodologies. Through this joint and complementary activity, specific and valuable deliverables will be generated.

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