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SIRC Personnel

Peter Marsh, along with SIRC Co-director Kate Fox, was instrumental in establishing the forum with the Royal Institution and others that developed the original Guidelines on Science and Health Communication - subsequently revised in association with the Royal Society. He retains the personal links established with many leading actors in the science and health communities and within UK government. Peter is a member of the Executive Board of Sense about Science, a group convened by Lord Taverne to address specific science and communication issues.

Simon Bradley, the MESSENGER project manager and Research Manager at SIRC, brings to MESSENGER his substantial experience in project management, consultation, media analysis and data processing, including the analysis of qualitative research material. He has a degree in media studies and is primarily responsible for SIRC's monitoring of press and broadcast coverage of health and science issues. Simon has managed a number of research projects for government departments. In recent years these have included an investigation into the implications for noise and nuisance arising from the liberalisation of the licensing laws, commissioned by Defra, and an assessment of the media's coverage of organised crime for the Home Office. Recent work for the private sector has included a pan-European consultation on the nature, scale and causes of obesity with stakeholders form governments, NGOs, the media and the health profession. He also coordinates SIRC's 'backchat' web pages - a youth forum where young people are encouraged to offer their opinions on science and health issues featured in the media.

Francesca Kenny contributes her experience of extensive work on EC-funded projects from the 2PndP to the 4PthP Framework Programmes, involving liaison across three Directorates - DGXIII, DGVII and DGXII. She has been involved in the management and research of multi-disciplinary RTD projects involving pan-European consortia and is consequently familiar with the conduct of research at a European level and with the evolution of the objectives of the RTD programme. Francesca also brings to MESSENGER her considerable skills in qualitative research and consultation, based on seventeen years experience in the social science field.

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