The dinner party is dead. Long live the dinner party! Contrary to the professional pessimists who would have us believe that society is falling apart and that we are increasingly less sociable as a nation, eating together with friends at home is alive and well.


The impact of sport on the UK workplace – A SIRC report for Hudson
The Noughties: – The decade of diversity
Life-shopping: – YEPPIES, Peter-Pan Syndrome, The New Collectivism and the Quarter-life crisis
Obesity and the facts – the true prevalence of childhood obesity
The Happy Home – A SIRC report for the Halifax
Binge Drinking – An MCM report for WTAG

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The Centre has recently completed a European Commission FP6 project in collaboration with the Amsterdam School of Communication (ASCoR). We have developed the original SIRC Guidelines on Science and Health Communication (in association with the Royal Institution and Royal Society) to give them a truly European provenance after detailed consultation with key actors and stake holders across the EU. The new Guidelines for Scientists on Communicating with the Media can be found in the MESSENGER section of the website. Additional reports and materials from the project are also available here.
We also focus on issues and topics simply because we find them important and interesting — and because we can. What we produce is regularly covered in the popular media. You can see some examples here
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