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This page contains links to sites recommended by SIRC. To view a much longer list of links that SIRC uses in its research and monitoring activities, Click Here.

A comprehensive list of links to newspapers, magazines and broadcast media around the world can be found if you Click Here

This list is regularly updated.

The Hunger Site The Hunger Site – Donate to the United Nations World Food Programme – free!

spark-online spark-online – "The clash of ideas brings forth the spark of truth".

Edge Edge – seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask the questions they are asking themselves.

Food Standards Agency Food Standards Agency. Balanced advice on all aspects of food.

Utne Reader – the place in cyberspace where ideas and community interact.

Philosophy Now Philosophy Now – the news-stand magazine of ideas.

C.O.Genetic Modification Issues UK Government Cabinet Office Genetic Modification Issues web site. Pretty sensible stuff.

Prospect Magazine Prospect Magazine – "Europe's outstanding political and cultural monthly."

HealthWatch Health Watch Enhancing informed choice
through reliable information.

New Scientist New Scientist Simply the best science site there is.

Tufts Nutrition Navigator Tufts Nutrition Navigator A balanced guide to a wide range of health and nutrition sites.

Biosociety Biosociety Debates surrounding the impact of new technologies on people, society and markets.

Arts and Letters DailyPrecious nuggets of real content are there to be found on the web, and it's the mission of Arts & Letters Daily to extract them. Naturally, they include some of our pages.

SciTech DailySciTech Daily Review – intelligent, informed science and technology coverage.

Statistical Assessment Service The Statistical Assessment Service (STATS) – a nonpartisan research organization in Washington, D.C. devoted to the accurate use of scientific and quantitative information in public policy debate.

Economically Viable Alternative Green Economically Viable Alternative Green Sane and balanced approach to 'green' issues in Australia. A particularly useful section is devoted to the GMO and biotechnology debate.

Salon Magazine Salon Magazine Read the features and reviews in this cultured, intelligent & witty web publication.

European Food Information Council The European Food Information Council is an independent, non-profit organisation established to provide consumers, nutrition and health professionals, educators, opinion leaders and the news media, with science-based food information.

American Council on Science and Health American Council on Science and Health Sensible, balanced approach to a wide range of health issues.

International Food Information Council International Food Information Council Supported by a number of leading food and beverage companies – sound material on nutrition and health issues.

National Environment Research Council The National Environment Research Council (NERC) has a particularly balanced and useful section GMOs and the Environment

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