SIRC Media Watch Archive
Panics and Scares – April 2003

Are we all doomed? Nuclear terrorism, engineered viruses, rogue machines ? technology is throwing up all kinds of new apocalyptic threats. So, asks the Astronomer Royal, Sir Martin Rees, can our planet survive? Independent.

Toll booths infertile ground. Exposure to excessive traffic pollution can lead to weakened and lethargic sperm in men, researchers in Italy reported Tuesday. Globe and Mail

Less fat in diet linked to injury risk in runners. Female recreational runners who eat an average amount of fat in their diets may be less likely than those who opt for a slightly more restrictive cuisine to develop injuries, new study findings suggest. Reuters.

TV watching 'makes you obese'. Scientists have come up with proof that watching television can be bad for your health. A team from the Harvard School of Public Health studied 50,000 women over a six year period to determine whether changes in their patterns of television watching or sitting around at work led to an increased likelihood of obesity or type 2 diabetes. The researchers, led by Dr Frank Hu, an expert in nutrition, found that watching television for an extra two hours a day increased the rate of obesity by 25%, and diabetes by 14%. BBC.

'Irish coffee' injection prevents stroke damage. A caffeine and alcohol cocktail similar to an Irish coffee could prevent severe brain damage in stroke victims, new research has revealed. New Scientist.