SIRC Media Watch Archive
Panics and Scares – February 2003

Schools warned of midday sun danger. Schools should keep their pupils out of the summer midday sun by providing adequate shady shelters or making them stay indoors during very hot spells, an all-party group of MPs and peers says today. Guardian

Health: Move away from that monitor or die. A New Zealand based team led by Richard Beasley of the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research has identified a 32-year-old man who became a victim of the infamous "cheap seats" syndrome -- because he sat too long at his computer. National Business Review

Electric kettles may damage your health, scientists warn. The everyday habit of making a cup of tea may be contributing to a health problem that affects up to one in 10 Britons. The government is to launch research into whether using boiled water from old-style electric kettles is worsening skin allergies through nickel leaching off exposed elements. Guardian

Jacuzzi jeopardy alert. Whirlpool baths could be perilous for people with kidney disease or high blood pressure, German doctors have warned. Sydney Morning Herald

Shaving habits linked to stroke risk. Shaving less than once a day could increase a man's risk of having a stroke by around 70%, researchers have found. The link between needing to shave infrequently and stroke risk emerged from a 20-year study of over 2,000 men aged 45-59 in Caerphilly, south Wales. BBC