SIRC Media Watch Archive
Panics and Scares – July 2003

Why wearing a tie can be bad for your health. Just when dress-down Fridays are going out of fashion, medical research has shown that formal business attire could be a serious health risk. Independent

Pizza Helps Fight Cancer. Pigging out on pizza could help reduce the risk of some cancers, according to Italian scientists. They found that eating one or more pizzas a week dramatically reduces the incidence of certain types of the killer disease. Sky News

Masturbation could protect against prostate cancer, study suggests. Masturbating more than five times a week between the ages of 20 and 50 could protect men against prostate cancer, Australian researchers claim today. Independent

Cancer is linked to strip lighting. Millions of women were yesterday given their starkest warning yet that they risked developing breast cancer by working under strip lighting. Metro (

Shampoo link to male infertility. A common chemical, used in everything from shampoo to plastics, may be causing infertility in boys while they are still in the womb, it has emerged. Daily Mail (

Parents' fears of cot death blamed for rise in babies' deformed skulls. Parent's attempts to protect their babies from cot death syndrome are behind a huge rise in the number of reports of flattened skulls, paediatricians said today. Scotsman.

Karaoke can damage singers’ voices and hearing. Researchers have confirmed what many people unlucky enough to listen to karaoke singing already knew—it can have adverse effects on health. BMJ.

Junk food link to ageing. An early diet of junk food makes it harder to fight off the effects of ageing, scientists have found. The discovery, by scientists at Glasgow University, applies to zebra finches but experts believe the same could apply to humans. BBC