SIRC Media Watch Archive
The Pick – May 2005

 Obesity: An Overblown Epidemic? A growing number of dissenting researchers accuse government and medical authorities – as well as the media – of misleading the public about the health consequences of rising body weights. Could it be that excess fat is not, by itself, a serious health risk for the vast majority of people who are overweight or obese – categories that in the U.S. include about six of every 10 adults? Is it possible that urging the overweight or mildly obese to cut calories and lose weight may actually do more harm than good? … an increasing number of scholars have begun accusing obesity experts, public health officials and the media of exaggerating the health effects of the epidemic of overweight and obesity. Scientific American.

Top cancer doctor says self-examination and screening can be bad for your health. Every year, 40,000 women in the UK discover they have breast cancer. And until now, the medical advice has been to self-examine to try to catch the disease early. So why is a top specialist warning women against this simple procedure? Independent.