SIRC Media Watch Archive
Comment and Opinion – August 2001

Confronting the Litany. What has happened to the Guardian – the newspaper of choice for the green-leaning middle classes? In place of the usual diatribes about the evils of globalisation, environmental pillage, Frankenfood and the-planet-is-going-to-hell-in-a-handcart doom-mongering, we find the first of series of articles by Bjorn Lomborg – the Danish statistician who cogently challenges each and every deeply-held assumption of the paper's core readership. A feature in the Daily Telegraph championing socialist principles and a return to the welfare state would not seem more out of place. Full article.

Organic (double) standards. It was inevitable that when Sir John Krebs, Chairman of the Food Standards Agency, first punctured the myths surrounding organic food, he would become a target for both personal abuse and zealous attempts to prove him wrong. So has his 'comeuppance' now finally arrived? Has the Soil Association now triumphed over the government bureaucrats at the FSA? Less than careful reading of the British Press might lead us so to conclude. Full story.