SIRC Media Watch Archive
Panics and Scares – May 2002

Cramped airline seats are 'safer'. Giving passengers more legroom on flights puts them at greater risk of being trapped on a burning aircraft, a British study has found. Times.

White wine has medicinal properties that help to keep the lungs healthy, scientists have discovered. The researchers at the University of Buffalo in New York State found that people who drink a few glasses of white wine on a regular basis have stronger lungs than those who never touch it. Times.

Warning: Bras can seriously damage your (man's) health. It takes women just a second. But at the height of passion, the simple task of undoing a bra seems to reduce many men to fumbling wrecks. Even the most adept of male lovers can become all fingers and thumbs at the crucial moment. So serious, it seems, is the problem that an august medical journal has decided to issue a warning on the dangers of injury by brassiere. Daily Mail

Housework won't get you fit. A dose of heavy housework may make you feel good – but it does not count as proper exercise … The finding raises a question mark about public health policy in recent years. BBC.

TV shows 'linked to pond drownings'. Gardening programmes on television may be partly to blame for a sharp rise in the number of children drowning in garden ponds, researchers have suggested. BBC.