Motherhood in Switzerland

The changing face of motherhood in Austria — download the full report in pdf format Click on the accompanying image to download and read the full document using Adobe's Acrobat Reader.


The Future of Freemasonry

An examination of the role of Freemasonry in the 21st century


This report is, as far as we know, an account of the first ever study that has been commissioned by Freemasons from a non-Masonic body. None of the SIRC members involved in the project are Freemasons, a fact that evoked surprise and welcome in equal measure from the Lodge members we met. more

The Changing Face of Motherhood

Insights from three generations of mothers

Recession Generation

The report seeks to answer some specific questions about the changing face of motherhood and determine the extent to which modern ‘solutions’ to motherhood are more or less beneficial than the solutions of the past. more

The impact of the commercial world on children's wellbeing

Report of an independent assessment

The impact of the commercial world on children's wellbeing

Two years ago, in the Children's Plan, the DCSF committed itself to commission an independent assessment of the impact of the commercial world on children's wellbeing. That assessment, led by Professor David Buckingham, is now complete. As part of the process SIRC was commissioned to undertake two major reviews: Children and Family Life: Socio-Demographic Changes and The Ecology of Family Life. more

Recession Generation

Psychological impact & the lessons of recession

Recession Generation

There can be very few people in Britain who are unaware that we have been living in times of recession…It is clear that people — even those unaffected directly — are worried, especially about their future financial security. But are there some positive lessons to be learnt? more

The changing face of motherhood in Switzerland


According to a Save the Children study, Switzerland is the 14th best place in the world to be a mother. Swiss motherhood is characterized by the ongoing presence of traditional family values, although there are groups and individuals who do not conform to such principles. Swiss women were late, by western European standards, to enter the world of politics and to gain equal legal rights with men. The traditional idea of women as homemakers still exists, especially amongst older generations. Switzerland’s federal political structure means that state interference in issues concerning mothers and the family is limited and a laissez-faire attitude towards the family prevails.

Historical perspectives

Swiss society has been characterised for centuries by a distinct division between the male public sphere and the female domestic sphere. It is only been in the past few decades that legislative changes have challenged this divide. These changes have seen rising levels of women, including mothers, entering the workforce and men taking a more active role in home and family life. Longstanding ideas about men and women’s specific roles and duties, however, can still be found in contemporary Switzerland.

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The Changing Face of Motherhood research was commissioned by Procter & Gamble (P&G)