Dietary Timeline

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According to Schwartz, the high-fat, low carbohydrate diet is first proposed in Germany around this time.

Schwartz, H. (1986) Never satisfied: a cultural history of diets, fantasies and fat. Free Press.

Levenstein suggests that it was from about this time that the new breed of "public health experts", the home economists set about changing the national diet in America. Under the pretence of improving the countries nutritional standards was a desire to assimilate the diets of immigrants, particularly those of the Jews, Slavs and Italians that the home economists deplored. Atwater and Richards, using techniques developed by Liebig developed an ideal diet, that consisted of creamed cod, baked beans, pressed meat and Indian pudding. They advocated a strict adherence to the recipes, allowed little scope for improvisation or seasoning. Taste was sacrificed in the name of accuracy and nutrition. Only three decades later, when Italy allied with the Americans in the World War I, was pasta recommended as an economical source of nutrition at the time when meat supplies were scarce.

Levenstein H.A. (1988) Revolution at the table: the transformation of the American diet, Oxford University Press, New York, 1993.