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A recent study funded by the American Cocoa Research Institute indicated that where coffee is consumed in high quatities it may be responsible for realtively high levels of antioxidants in the diet. The study conducted by Professor Vinson, was described by the American Chemical Society in Washington.



The GI diet has now been superseded by a more sophisticated version: the glycaemic load (GL), which shows that some "bad" GI foods could actually be beneficial. Two more variations of the low-carb diet follow; Dr Fedon Alexander Lindberg - author of The Greek Doctor's Diet and the Montignac Diet from Michael Montignac, the founding father of GI dieting.

Finally, 'You are when you eat', the latest fashion in diets focussing on what time of day you eat. Advocates: Dr Mark Mattson, cheif of the laboratory of neurosciences at America's National Institute of Ageing.

The BBC reported on the adverse health consequences of 'Orthorexia' (a term originally coined by a Californian doctor Steve Bratman in 1997 to describe a "fixation on righteous eating").

Fish Oils

The Observer reports on preliminary results of the Durham-based study.


The Guardian and Telegraph report on the beneficial properties of tumeric and how it may help protect against cancer