SIRC's sources of income

SIRC is a non-profit organisation that conducts research and consultancy across a wide range of topics, including on-going monitoring and analysis of social trends and related issues.

Recent and past clients include: '3', Automobile Association; Alliance and Leicester; Axa; BBC Trust; BMW; British Airways; BT; Cadbury Schweppes; Canon; Carphone Warehouse; Children's Mutual; Children's Workforce Development Council (CWDC); Coca Cola; Consumer Financial Education Body; Department of Health; Diageo; Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF); eBay; Eduserv; Egg; Esure; the European Commission, DG Research; Fisher Price; Flora; GSK; Greene King; Friends Provident; Halifax; Hallmark; Home Office; Hudson; Kimberly-Clark; Lloyds TSB; Masterfoods; Mattel; National Lottery; Office of Science and Technology; Palm One; Pimms; Proctor and Gamble; Prudential; Rackspace; Renault; Roche; Sugar Bureau; Telewest; Tio Pepe; TomTom; Unilever; Walkers; Wine Trade Action Group; etc.

SIRC also seeks to promote more responsible health reporting and health policies. The development of the Guidelines on Science and Health Communication, in association with the Royal Institution, was funded directly by SIRC, and relied on the generosity of the scientific and medical organisations and individual doctors, scientists and journalists who gave their time and expertise to the project. These guidelines have been further developed as part of an EU-funded initiative. For details see the MESSENGER project pages.