Tea & DIY

Tea and DIY


Two Great British Obsessions – Tea and DIY


There have been two surprises in this study, and both have to do with enduring traditions. While there have been fundamental shifts in the lifestyles of people of all social classes over the past thirty years, both DIY and its association with tea drinking appear to have resisted the pressure for change. Admittedly, the DIYers of today, whose lives have been made easier by advances in technology and time-saving gadgets, may be less skilled than their predecessors, but they are no less true enthusiasts. And the teapot of old may now have given way to the ubiquitous tea bag in the mug. But the roles of tea in DIY are as central as they have ever been – relieving stress when things start to go wrong, giving stimulation when energy dips, and providing moments for reflection and pride in one's personal achievements.

Key points